Life is but a Sport

Many experiences of life, in my best guess, are responsible for teaching great values to a man. Ofcourse, life would indeed become an uncomfortable experience for those who do not understand the perspective of enjoyment in it. In fact, everything is a part of one, giant fur ball; art, science, and also sport  (in light of the current advancements, it is a little difficult to properly restrict sports to the classical science/art domain). I believe that sports is not just an enjoyment for killing some time, it also plays a major role in demonstrating a thing or two about life. And similar to a lot of other experiences, I also believe that sports is a ‘must-have’ experience for everyone.

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I have been living in China for one and a half years, and I have had a chance to learn a lot from these amazing people. Apart from their natural traits of never giving up and never surrender, the average Chinese usually makes for a very good sportsman because of its inherent health advantages. And just like other things, such as food, the Chinese are always attracted towards habits which would aid their physical fitness. It is without a doubt, that sports keep a man healthy. A lot of like to indulge (and excel) in this thing, just because it offers them an opportunity to improve their health.

Sportsmanship is also a part of the deal. It shows that even though there is an opponent (who would not want you to win, in any case whatsoever), you are still responsible for appealing to him on the basis of your good character. For example, if he/she gets hurt, you stop your business and tend to his/her well-being. Only after ensuring that, should you continue your virtual battle. Imagine that in a world of real conflict and politics, as we live in today!

As a foreign student in China, it is not easy for me to find alternate means of relaxing through the social activities, when I get tired after a good day’s work. Indeed, I always have the option of indulging myself in creating music or art, or absorbing art (like watching a movie or reading a book). But sports is a personal favorite. Amazingly enough, much of my breakthroughs (as a researcher) were the result of random thoughts, given seed to in the sports field. I guess that the research method of ‘letting the devil do the work for you’ is best implemented while playing a game.

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For training, you do have to tie your shoes harder than most of the other people, eat a lot lesser, drink a lot lesser and control your natural appetite. That’s the other thing it demonstrates: discipline. Now, people have questioned this for a countless number of times; is it really necessary for the average person to be disciplined? Certainly. Even though it might not sound ‘very relaxing‘ at first, having a little bit of disciple will definitely do wonders in your life. Its a must-have trait, if you plan to develop a wholesome personality of yourself. Thereby, discipline helps to streamline your thinking, much in the same way as an iron helps to press a shirt, removes its wrinkles and makes it look more beautiful (if not more useful). Sports does a similar thing to a man’s character, I think.

Even as a photography enthusiast (as well as a keen observer), I like to take my camera out on a sunny day and give it a spin. Recently, I have had the chance to learn the basics of, what is otherwise known as, sports photography: one has to be precise in the timing of the  shot as well as the controls involving the shutter speed. The fine details of such shots, reveals much more than what the packaging has to sell (if you have an eye for it, of course). Its one of my favorite subjects of photography. You get to capture the infinity  of human determination in some millions of pixels. I love it!

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